The Art of Blogging

Written 28/01/13

You know, when you think about it, the notion of a blog is a rather curious thing. The epitome of the technological era I suppose, writing your thoughts into a little empty box on a computer screen in the hopes that someone will be able to relate.
But those hopes are motivation enough as we tread through life with our heads held high in hypocritical pride, convincing ourselves that what we have to say is of utmost importance to everyone and must be shared immediately.
Why not, after all. What do we have to lose?

As an English student, my life is somewhat shaped by literature, based on literature, perhaps lost in literature. My life will also hopefully be the perpetuation of this literary tradition our world was lucky enough to admire. Hopefully. Who knows.
So here I intend to share the thoughts that torment me daily, some twisted into structured stories, others more independant and divided. Thoughts varying from the way we go about taking the tube to work in the morning, perhaps, to the way in which music has made me into the person I am today, to – you guessed it – literature.

But in the end, really, my only hope is that this will be of interest (however minimal) to you, the reader, and the creator of these texts, the fulfiller of their potential without which they would be void of all meaning.


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