A Tribute to Music

Photo taken in London.

Written 25/09/2013

So it begins.

Wailing, heart-wrenching and soul-piercing; flowing out of your open lungs and into the air above you, capturing all that crosses its path, eventually seeping back into your mouth as you take one long, deep gulp and cough slightly as its ashes enter your throat. The deep impressions of your chest are enough to wake it again, so it continues on its way, enrapturing all that presents itself before you; you carry it as a companion and loving burden, as a torturous friend and captivating enemy. Its violence and anger propel you forward and unfold the universe before your gazing, gaping, amazed eyes. This moment is precious, it’s the one where the stars float out of you and your pupils become the playground of intertwining galaxies. You smile and the note strikes strong, following the curve of your lips and tumbling into the organized darkness that shines from you. You stretch out your hand and stumble amongst the suns, your fumbling fingers grasping awkwardly at the light emanating from your heart. The music floats knowingly on.


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